A little bit about me…

Hello! My name is Chandler. I am a licensed loan originator for California, based in Lake Arrowhead. I do conventional loans, FHA loans, VA loans, and private equity loans for California property; for both refinances and purchases.

I wanted to start this blog to create a space for people to find and request information about mortgage loans. It can get really confusing online, finding information and guidelines, when every other search entry is an advertisement to a lending company. Not only is it frustrating for me, when I’m double-checking important guidelines; but it’s extremely frustrating for homeowners, who just want to know what their options are.

I wanted to create a website to compile a bunch of resources that I use, as a loan officer, and information that I have learned in the industry. Hopefully it is helpful, but feel free to reach out under contact with any specific questions you may have – and I can answer them directly.

Thank you!

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