Hello! My name is Chandler.

I am a graduate of UCLA, having received my degree in Ancient Near Eastern Studies, Egyptology B.A. Upon graduating, despite the unending list of job opportunities available for hieroglyphic translators in modern day America, I went into mortgage lending. Now, I am a loan originator for Evoque Lending (NMLS #2231483). This means that I connect with people who are looking to buy a home, refinancing an existing mortgage, or utilize a private loan for growing their business. When I was studying for my licensing here in California, I kept reading about “marketing to millennials and Gen-Z” with tips like “young folks LOVE tech, and prefer texting instead of phone calls!” and information like, “they’re the greatest upcoming market of homebuyers!” Advertisements and articles I see for us whippersnappers is either tone deaf, unrealistic, or dated – and I decided to make a blog to try to help keep people better informed, and provide information in a way that is a little more relatable.

And a little bit more about me –

I am decently inked, with a sleeve and a half. My sleeve is Japanese neo-traditional, of a phoenix; and on my half sleeve, I’ve got a dragon and a raven. In a curse by the gods, turns out my skin is really sensitive to black ink – so I keep that itch cream on me. I was formerly a barista so I drink a lot of coffee, and order traditional macchiatos at coffee shops to assert my dominance. I don’t even like traditional macchiatos. In my free time I look at a blanket I started knitting in 2018, consider continuing the project, and then ultimately decide to watch a movie instead. The blanket in question is too far in to make a large scarf, but too small to cast off and call a throw.

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